From Boring to Brilliant Speaker Fast!

Do You Answer “YES” to These Questions:

  • Are you a busy executive who needs to POLISH UP your public speaking skills, fast?
  • Are you looking for an executive MENTOR program for NON-NATIVE ENGLISH C-Suite executives who have to present better in English?
  • Would you benefit from working ONE-ON-ONE with an experienced speaker coach on CONTENT, DELIVERY AND IMPACT?
  • Would your sales team, marketing/product managers or directors benefit from a HANDS ON GROUP TRAINING where they learn new techniques and practice right in the training?

Then Successful Speaker Now is Your Best Choice! Check Out Our Programs Below: 

Speaker Coach on Call

Our premier coaching program  where one or several key speakers in your organization can be coached by Barbara on an ‘as needed’ basis. This monthly retainer relationship offers convenience and flexibility and gives all your internal and external speakers one-on-one attention and results oriented speaker coaching. You will have access to Barbara 24/7 to be your ‘coach on call for all speaking engagements. In this program, Barbara works with you to define your key messages, craft your script, add subtle nuances with voice and gestures and practice the delivery.

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Successful Speaker Training

A customized program to teach you about audience engagement, how to polish your skills, and to present with charisma and impact. This is a one-on-one coaching program to generally improve your speaking, but also to prepare for upcoming events.

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High Impact Speaker Coaching

High Impact Speaker Mentoring  is for those speakers who have challenges to be engaging and want to develop their stage presence and charisma. This is a 1, 3 or 6 month program where, in addition to the Speaker Coach on Call program,  we have two monthly sessions to polish your speaking skills over the months and work on upcoming speeches. It is really an opportunity for the speaker to develop a strong foundation in public speaking techniques and to prepare for upcoming speeches.

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Critique Your Speech

Are you preparing your TED talk and want to work with an experienced TEDx speaker coach to get your idea worth sharing into a powerful speech in the typical “TEDx style? Barbara has worked with more than 75 TEDx speakers and is a master crafter of TEDx speeches.

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Speak Critique Library

If Barbara is on retainer for your speakers, she can also assist with all communication aspects of preparing conferences, preparing the speakers and the host.  This will raise the level of excellence for the entire event and can be part of the retainer you pay for our Speaker Coach on Call service.

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