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My name is Barbara Rogoski, and I am the founder of Successful Speaker Now. I help speakers deliver  their message with clarity, focus and impact.

Throughout my 20 year sales career with a Fortune 500 company, I  have had to endure many painfully BORING and uninteresting presentations that lost my attention in the first two minutes and I could’nt wait for it to be over.  Have’nt you also had this unpleasant experience?

At times, I thought, “What a lost opportunity for the speaker and for the audience to connect on a meaningful and memorable way!

I vowed that I would start a training company to help public and professional speakers to craft their message, perfect their delivery and develop a WOW factor to capture the audience for a powerful performance every time.

Successful Speaker Now trains business people from all sectors who give presentations on a regular basis. My customers include multinational companies, Heads of State (Prime Minister of Aruba) and  TEDx speakers.

I have developed several speaker training program that you can see on this website.

My goal is to help every executive speaker  that comes to me to achieve greatness in the message with maximum impact.

My mother language is English, but for Dutch speakers, I use a combination of English and Dutch for these colorful coaching sessions. 

I am considered by many to be ‘The Public Speaker’s Best Friend!’

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