From Boring to Brilliant Speaker Fast!

Do You Answer “YES” to These Questions:

  • Are you a busy executive who needs to POLISH UP your public speaking skills or prepare for an upcoming speech, fast?
  • Would you benefit from working ONE-ON-ONE with an experienced speaker coach on CONTENT, DELIVERY AND IMPACT?
  • Would your sales team, marketing/product managers or directors benefit from a HANDS ON GROUP TRAINING where they learn new techniques and practice right in the training?

Well then, you have come to the right place! Please look at our services to see which one is best suited for your needs and contact me to set up a phone call to discuss.

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INTRODUCING a dynamic, new program called Executive Speech Doctor. It is a quick, on-demand speech and pitch review program for busy executives who don’t have much time and don’t want any hassle – but want to be sure their speech or pitch is strong, focused and will have the greatest impact. Written review, 2 hour consult or both with a quick turnaround time and no hassle. Record your practice video, pay with your credit card, send to me and I will evaluate it, write a 2 page review and give professional speaker coaching tips to make it even better. Sign up for your review today!

Pre-Conference Speaker Training

Our Pre-Conference Speaker Coaching Package is also gaining attention. Conference organizers preparing large scale global internal events are interested to hire us to teach their speakers and attendees to “Talk More Like TEDx” in advance coaching sessions, on site with a TEDx speaking skills workshop and the Boring to Brilliant book as gift.

NEWSFLASH! A large global pharmaceutical company has agreed to use our Pre-Conference Speaker Coaching Package for their upcoming global summit. 20 speakers will be trained, continuing 30 minute workshop at the event and 1000 customized Boring to Brilliant books to be shared with the attendees as a gift. They see the value of working with a TEDx coach to help all speakers be their best at their global event.

Contact us for more information and pricing for any of our services!

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