Executive Speech Doctor

  • Do you have an important speech or pitch to give and you just don’t feel it is strong and healthy?
  • Does your speech or pitch suffer from boring, dry, corporate content and needs a shot of energy?
  • Would you like a professional to examine your content, message, delivery and impact?
  • Short of time or don’t want to invest in expensive training?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then the Executive Speech Doctor can help you FAST!

Barbara Rogoski, Executive Speaker Coach and Senior TEDx coach to more than 130 speakers, is ready to use her expertise and experience to critique your speech!

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Concept: A quick, cost-effective online service where you can get your speech or pitch reviewed by a professional speaker coach before you deliver it. You make a video of yourself giving your speech or pitch (informal selfie video OK), send it to Barbara, she reviews it and sends you a 2 page written evaluation within 36 hours! A 2 hour phone consult can be arranged with Barbara to discuss it with you for even more insights.

-The speech needs to engage the audience and influence them.

-The pitch needs to be clear, to the point and convince investors to work with you!

Several options to choose from, credits for future use and gift certificate:

  • Review and written evaluation only – two A4 pages
  • Two hour phone or Skype consult only (coaching)
  • Package: Written evaluation and phone consult
  • Credit of 5 written evaluations for future use- € 100.00 discount
  • Brilliant Speaker Gift Certificate – package + 30 minute follow up call and Boring to Brilliant book with gift email sent to recipient.


speak critique

  • Review and Written Evaluation Only
    by the Speech Doctor

speak critique

  • 2 hour consult by phone or Skype

speak critique plus

  • Review and Written Evaluation
    by the Speech Doctor
  • 2 hour consult by phone or Skype

€ 495.00 ex btw.

€ 595.00 ex btw.

€ 995.00 ex btw.


How It Works

Step One: You, as the speaker, choose which service you want, click below to order and pay the fee in advance through Paypal.

Written Review:
Step Two: You share the link to the video or upload it in the space provided.
Step Three: The Speech Doctor Barbara then reviews it and prepares a written evaluation.
Step Four: She sends the written report of maximum 2 A4 pages back to you within 36 hours.

Phone or Skype Consult:
Step Five: After payment, write and send a comment to Barbara to arrange the time for the 2 hour coaching session.

Order your speech evaluation/consult by clicking the link above! Let the most experienced TEDx speaker coach in the Netherlands, Barbara Rogoski, help you make sure that you can deliver a brilliant speech or WOW pitch to your potential investors.

Credits for Future Speeches/Pitchs

Do you know in advance that you have a number of important presentations/pitches coming up and want to be able to send them for quick review to Barbara? Then you can reserve her time in advance and purchase 5 written reviews. There is a € 100.00 discount if you prepay for future service.


Gift Certificates

Do you have a colleague, employee, friend of family member who is giving an important speech or pitch to investors and you would like to help them really be prepared and confident? Then you can offer them a gift of the Brilliant Speaker Gift Certificate with written review, 2 hour phone consult, 30 minute follow up call with Barbara afterwards and the Boring to Brilliant Speaker book. You can explain the situation in the comment section when you order and Barbara will send a gift email announcement to them that they have received a gift of speech coaching from you. An excellent gift that adds clear value with polished results!


Boring to Brilliant Speaker’s Guide

If you want to learn more from Barbara on how to be a brilliant speaker in a TEDx style, you can also purchase her print book or ebook called Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide. It has 101 entertaining and effective speaker tips that you can integrate into your speaking right away. It has tips for women, checklists before and after the speech and how to ‘talk more like TED’. Buy your copy today!

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