Step up and Speak Up

  • Step Up, Speak UpA practical guide to helping you step up and speak up for yourself in the workplace
  • Are there times when you WANT to speak up about yourself in meetings or in interviews and just don’t know how?
  • Do you want to learn about executive presence and how you can develop more of your confidence?
  • Do you want to make your personal pitch strong and your own hero stories ready to speak out when you need them?


Executive Speaker Coach and TEDx senior speaker coach, Barbara Rogoski shares her knowledge and expertise to empower you to improve your communication skills and confidently tell your own story.

In Step Up, Speak Up you will learn about communication challenges, how women sabotage themselves and the part that the Imposter Syndrome plays in our lives and careers.

You will receive my 10 super tips to polish your presence and exercises to flip your pitch and to create stories about your own successes that you can share with others – without feeling arrogant or bragging.

In This E-Book You Will Learn:

  • About communication challenges
  • How we self-sabotage
  • The Imposter Syndrome and how to manage it
  • Executive Presence
  • 10 Tips to polish your presence
  • “Personal Pitch makeover” - exercise
  • The value of having stories to tell about yourself
  • Own hero stories – exercise


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