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‘Speak Your Truth and Make a Difference’ has always been my motto as an executive speaker coach and senior TEDx speaker coach. On this website you will find a collection of e-books I have written to share my knowledge and experience with you.

These topics are based on my work with hundreds of executive speakers from Fortune 500 companies and TEDx speakers from around the world who have come to me to help them speak their truth and make a difference.

I am particularly interested to empower and encourage women to step up and speak up for themselves in the workplace, but men need communication support programs, too. Below you will find my beloved Boring to Brilliant; A Reference Guide for Speakers, 2nd Edition, as well as many other relevant topics that are of interest to the speakers I work with.

Here you can also find the link to buy my Boring to Brilliant Book print versions and join my She Speaks with Passion Facebook Group. 

I hope you find some useful information products here that can help you to be the BRILLIANT speaker I know that you can be!

Boring to Brilliant,
A Reference Guide
for Speakers

Boring to Brilliant A Reference Guide for Speakers

This insightful, image rich speaker's guide has 160 colorful and practical tips and techniques you can use right away "to get your brilliant on" as a speaker. It has tips on storytelling, webinars, panel discussions, checklists essays and much more. A colorful, comprehensive and valuable resource for you to refer to again and again.

The Anatomy of a Brilliant Speech

group training

In this practical e-book, Barbara shares her proven template of success for every speaking situation. Each section of the Anatomy is highlighted and explained to show you step-by-step how to craft a brilliant speech FAST.  Hundreds of TEDx speakers and executives who have worked with Barbara have used this success template - and now you can, too.

Step up and Speak Up

Innovative Storytelling

It is time for women to learn to be more comfortable to speak up about themselves in order to be seen, be heard and be promoted in the workplace! This e-book identifies your communication challenges and ways you might be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. It includes tips to polish your executive presence, personal pitch and create your own hero stories.

To watch a short introduction video click below ...

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Barbara Rogoski founded Successful Speaker Now in September 2011 after listening to too many boring sales and financial presentations in her own successful sales career. This dynamic and fast moving communication company trains executives in large multinational companies to develop strong content (messaging) and deliver that message with impact, influence and engagement.

Our customers include Fortune 500 company CEOs and Managing Directors, Heads of State, Ministers and TEDx speakers. Our clients are from all over the world where we work together, either in person or virtually – There are no borders! We work with Microsoft, Deloitte, Achmea, Merck, Rabobank, ING, European Commission and many others.

We specialize in executive speaker coaching 1:1, Boring to Brilliant Conferences and empowering women with She Speaks with Passion at all levels of the organization to step up and speak up for what they want. Barbara is American, but is relatively fluent in Dutch and who uses a combination of English and Dutch effectively in her coaching.

For us, it is about transformation and empowerment.

Contact Barbara today to discuss your company’s speaking needs and to customize a training program just for you!


  • Marian Spier
    Marian Spier

    Founder of TEDx Amsterdam Women

    “Barbara has coached and empowered Female CEO's, start-ups, visionaries, entertainers and professors to reach their full potential at giving a TED talk.”

  • Sonja van Meerbeek
    Sonja van Meerbeek

    TEDx Binnenhof Curator

    “Barbara is reliable, professional and clearly wants her speakers to perform at the highest level possible.”

  • Jacques Buith
    Jacques Buith

    Managing Director, Deloitte Risk Services

    “Barbara has a way to help you bring out the best in the speech and in yourself.”

  • Anouk Visser
    Anouk Visser

    TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award 2016 Finalist

    “Barbara worked very hard with me on the content and taught me many things about how to be a strong female presenter.”

  • Julie de Widt-Bakker
    Julie de Widt-Bakker

    Microsoft, Manager of External Communications

    “It is comforting to have an expert with an outside view close to my team, allowing us to tell and present stories that stick, that make a difference, and that are compelling to listen to.”

  • Lex Peters
    Lex Peters

    Co-Founder Female Cancer Foundation

    “I learned so much during our meetings and she made it possible to perform well.”

  • Sjoerd Kruijff
    Sjoerd Kruijff

    Business Unit Director, Primary Care, MSD Belgium

    “Barbara was encouraging, creative and respectful to help me tell the story I wanted to tell.”

  • Gloria Wekker
    Gloria Wekker

    Professor Emeritus, University Utrecht

    I learned a lot from Barbara, both in terms of lightening up the text, while still saying what I wanted, and in terms of presentation.

  • Eline Leijten
    Eline Leijten

    TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award 2016 Winner

    “Barbara taught me how to create visual images with words, tell stories in a better way and how to use the TEDx style of presenting.” 

  • Corinne Vigreux
    Corinne Vigreux

    Co-Founder of TomTom

    “Barbara is professional, passionate, supportive and a very talented speaker coach.”

  • Ineke Schreuder
    Ineke Schreuder

    IT Country Lead Switzerland, MSD

    “Our event was a huge success, in part from the attention and dedication Barbara showed to our speakers.”

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