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Boring to Brilliant Print Book

Executive Speaker Coach and Senior TEDx speaker coach Barbara Rogoski shares her knowledge and expertise to help you take your speech or presentation from boring to brilliant.  Barbara has coached more than 100 TEDx speakers, Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, celebrities, professional speakers, and heads of state.  What she has done for them she can do for you.

This insightful, image rich speaker’s guide is full of powerful tips and techniques you can integrate right away into your next speech or presentation. The guide is a handy business tool you will want to keep on your desk or in your briefcase to refer to over and over again.

Foreword written by Manon van Essen

In This Book You Will Find:

  • 200+ Quick and Focused Speaker Tips
  • New sections about storytelling, webinars & Panel Discussions
  • Super Tool: Anatomy of a Brilliant Speech, story and panel host
  • Checklists for Brilliant Speakers and Speeches
  • Anti-Checklists for What NOT to Do
  • 3 different ways to tell a story in your speech
  • TEDx Anecdotes About Speakers and Tips They Used
  • Special Empowerment Section for Women Speakers
  • Post Speech Review Document

If you want to find insights and tools that you can quickly use right away without having to read lots of blah-blah text, then this speaker’s guide is for you!




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