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Brilliant Speaker in a FLASH!

Introducing Our Newest Product - Brilliant Speaker in a FLASH!

Are you short of time to prepare your business presentations or pitches?

Are you not confident on WHAT to include and what NOT to include to make the best impression?

Do you want to include strategic stories that STICK and that the audience will remember?

Do you want to be sure you ENGAGE and CONNECT with your audience?_________________________________________________________________________________

The Brilliant Speaker in a FLASH! product is a unique presentation tool in A6 flashcard format to help any speaker at any level to quickly create an engaging and impactful presentation. I have developed the question and answer content on 45 cards based on hundreds of businesspeople and TEDx speakers I have worked with over a 10 year period.

It includes my proprietary speech preparation method, audience engagement, strategic storytelling, Q&A preparation and virtual presentation tips. It is designed to be a quick reference, practical tool that you can use over and over whenever you have a presentation to prepare and present - often with limited time for preparation. It comes in a sturdy black box for storage, and includes 50 blank A6 cards for preparing bullet points and 10 A7 blank cards to help prepare for virtual presentations. With the program, you can learn the important elements of any speech and do not have to start from scratch each time you need to present. It is a useful tool for students, professors, businesspeople, startup pitchers and anyone who needs to prepare a strong presentation. Visit our webshop HERE.

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