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Strategic Storytelling in the Workplace

Subheading: How to Craft Hero/Shero Stories that "Stick"

Strategic Storytelling in the Workplace – How to Craft Hero/Shero Stories That “Stick” About Yourself and Your Business.

What is your Hero/Shero story? In this six week, interactive webinar series, executive coach and storytelling expert Barbara Rogoski will share with you why storytelling is becoming a sought after skill in this competitive business environment. 

Telling a great story at the right moment can sometimes make the difference between success and failure in progressing your career or closing that sale.

You will learn why and how to highlight your own accomplishments, strengths, problem solving skills and the VALUE you add in a clear and non-arrogant way. Besides learning how to tell your own hero/shero story, you will learn how to create engaging hero stories about the product or service you offer or your company as the hero. You will even learn how you can use the hero positioning to valiantly support your client (hero) to solve a problem or improve a situation. There will be homework with every session you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned about the hero/shero story with Barbara and the group and learn from each other. There will be lots of laughs and lively discussions about how to bring out the storyteller in you and how to use strategic storytelling methods to advance your career or build your business.

The training will be over a 6 week period every Monday night for one hour starting at 19:00 CET on November 2nd, 2020.

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