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Step Up Speak Up Group Training

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Presentation, Strategic Storytelling Skills and Confidence Are Needed Now More than Ever!

Does your team need to have a consistent story, while each one in the team must present confidently and with impact? In this group training, they polish their own public speaking skills ,learn now to develop their own hero stories and practice their communication skills among their peers.


  Who is it for?

  • Executives,  Directors and Managers
  • Product and Marketing Teams
  • Sales teams and Account Managers
  • High potential management trainees

The Programs

Step Up Speak Up Group Training is a flexible program that can be customized to your needs: 

HALF DAY SESSION  - Theory over how to craft a great presentation/pitch, how to create strategic hero stories around the company and a few other communication tools based on what is needed to focus on in the company. They learn some new tools and receive some practical tips on how to improve their communication skills in a variety of ways.  In this session, it is mostly theory with little time for practice.  Up to 25 attendees welcome 

FULL DAY SESSION - Same as above in the half day session, but with each new tool introduced, each attendee will practice the techniques and be invited to do a 5 minute presentation based on what he/she has learned in the session. Very educational and lively session around personal improvement, team building and connection.  This group will receive the Boring to Brilliant! book and a folder of all the tools presented.  Maximum 8-10 persons allowed for the greatest results for each participant.

FULL DAY SESSION AND FOLLOW UP HALF DAY SESSION  - Same as full day session and also an additional half a day training where all attendees return for a follow up session to discuss and review how they have used what they learned and to do another 5 minute presentation with improved skill set. Definitely worth the investment for accountability and expectations of implementation and results. 

In this group training/coaching program, Barbara will work with your team to:

  • Share theory and discuss challenges of the team
  • Define and clarify the company key messages and how to create their own hero story
  • How to use strategic storytelling to close more business
  • Virtual presence tips - executive presence - being conscious of your words and actions
  • Deliver their presentations to the whole group for gentle critique and written feedback. Best presentation wins a tasty prize.
  • Learn from each other's strong points and areas to improve - learning also comes from watching others
  • How to overcome fear of speaking and confidence issues
  • How to manage your room, your audience and get the outcome you want.

Please note that this is the presentation skills workshop with some elements of storytelling. The TEDx Style Storytelling with Data workshop is entirely focused on storytelling in different ways. 


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You attendees for full day training will also receive our 3rd edition Boring to Brilliant, A Reference Guide for Speakers and a playbook of supporting tools with tips and techniques that they can use right away.


Contact Barbara through the CONTACT Page for specific details and price offer. 


For businesspeople who want to tell a better story.

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