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Business Storytelling with Data

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TEDx Style Storytelling with Complex Data; How to Combine Them to Tell a Brilliant Story

Your team needs to be able to tell good stories with data - about themselves,  the product/service,  the team, the company and even success stories of your clients - to get more clients or keep shareholders confidence. There should be an understanding of who the HERO can be and how to use that story in a business keynote, presentation, pitch, panel or meeting. Being able to tell the story behind data results is also a key element to your team's success. There should be a consistency of the message and that the speakers who are telling the story are polished and professional in their delivery. They can improve all these things with Barbara.  

Who is it for?

Leaders, Sales teams, Product Manager teams, IT managers, communication leaders in the organization and all teams that need to present and be able to tell engaging stories - both internally and externally.

 The TEDx Style Business Storytelling  with Data Program

Half Day Theory - Barbara will teach your team about effective storytelling through the TEDx Style of presenting, storytelling with data and the important elements to deliver, and how to tell the company/team/client/own personal story with finess and engagement. Unlimited number of attendees welcome. 

Full Day Theory and Practice - This is a practical and hands-on training day for up to 10 persons in your organization to learn and understand the theory from the half day session, combined with the afternoon session where they will develop and practice these skills to tell their own hero and data stories to the group for feedback. 

There will be special emphasis on how to engage the audience through storytelling with DATA strategic storytelling and the new messaging while learning new presentation skills and to present for 5-10 minutes for feedback. It is an insightful and educational day where the attendees learn many new storytelling skills, have some fun and leave with practical information and confidence to tell their best stories going forward. 

 Each attendee of the full day session receives a print copy of the NEW 3rd edition of The Boring to Brilliant Reference Guide for Speakers and other practical tools to help them succeed.

Please note that this progam can be modified as needed to meet the needs of your organization!

Contact Barbara through the contact page or through details below for more information.

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