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Business Storytelling

Your company is growing very fast, but you need to define and clarify the company story that the whole company understands and can repeat in their pitches and stories. There should be a consistency of the message and that the speakers who are telling the story are polished and professional in their delivery.  

Who is it for?

Leaders, Sales Managers, Product Managers and communication leaders in the organization


The Business Storytelling Program

Barbara will work with your organization for a half day strategic content session to define and clarify the company innovation story and message. We will find exactly the story you want to tell to your staff, your customers, in presentations and pitches.

We can have a one day training day for the top 10 speakers in your organization to learn and understand strategic storytelling and the new messaging while learning new presentation skills and to present for 5-10 minutes for feedback. If there are different departments or locations, these trainings can be extended to these groups. We can also spend time to define and clarify what their own Hero/Shero stories are as they relate to the company and the larger story. 


This package includes:

  • Half day content strategy session at your location or online
  • Full day innovation storytelling and presentation skills workshop for 10 persons
  • Unlimited Zoom chats and phone access to coach Barbara Rogoski for these 10 speakers throughout a 12 month period. 
  • The Boring to Brilliant Reference Guide for Speakers and other helpful tools to help them succeed.

Please note that this progam can be modified as needed to meet the needs of your organization!

Contact Barbara through the contact page or through details below for more information and pricing.

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