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Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch - Online Speech Practice  & Review Platform

 Live with Barbara Rogoski, Expert Speaker Coach & TEDx Senior Coach

A 60-minute one-off, virtual coaching session where Barbara will help you with the finishing touches on your speech, pitch or presentation.

At the end of this session you will:

  • have a logical and engaging structure of the talk
  • have catchy stories in the right place
  • know that the key messages will be crystal clear
  • have practiced the delivery with clear feedback from a professional coach
  • have gained overall confidence in yourself and your message.

Practice with a neutral, experienced coach who picks up things fast.

No huge commitment or investment - a one off session - with great value received!

You will walk away feeling confident and well prepared!

Fee is Euro 249.00 ex btw in The Netherlands. 

 Contact me today to book a time for this session. 

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