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Summit Speaker Coaching

For your upcoming summit or large conference, you are investing a significant amount of money in a great venue, production teams, cutting edge technology and are flying people in from all over to speak and to participate.

But did you forget to invest in the most valuable resource you have to make the event successful – your presenters?

Investing in speaker training is your assurance that all your speakers will WOW your conference attendees and give engaging presentations, breakout sessions or panel discussions that tie to your theme. The speaker coach makes sure that these things are achieved for each speaker across the agenda of the event.

The Ultimate goal of any summit?  To provide VALUE for the attendees to walk away with key messages you want them to take away – to do that, the speakers need to be able to deliver those messages with impact and authority.

For the organizers - this coaching can take away worry about novice or inexperienced speakers who will feel unsure or nervous to give a presentation and build up their confidence, storytelling and delivery to make a great impression – and also make sure that experienced experts with long term careers will spend the time to prepare fresh talks and learn new skills and raise their game -  to help them be even better at their delivery of well known topics. No longer need to cringe and worry that the executives will be boring or uninteresting.                

8 reasons to invest in Summit Speaker Coaching

  1. Show new and experienced speakers that you care about their success and development – stand out from other conferences
  2. Boost speaker self-confidence, storytelling skills and impact
  3. Support all presenters: keynote, main stage, breakout, panel host/guest
  4. Show attendees you care about their event experience
  5. Raise the quality of the event and increase engagement and connection
  6. Support a cohesive summit experience for all involved
  7. Protect the reputation of your company and encourage participation in the future.
  8. Save you, as the organizer, worry and concern, so you can focus on other things!

Barbara is an experienced summit speaker coach and has worked with several organizations to prepare their speakers - once even 36 speakers in a six week period and they all rocked the house!

In this Summit Speaker Coaching Package there can be: 

a pre-summit meeting with the organizers to learn the objectives and themes and a "kick-off masterclass for all speakers, workshop leaders and panel hosts

a during-summit connection where Barbara can attend the event and help with the dry runs and confidence boosting for all the speakers in attendance.

a post-summit review to evaluate the level of excellence achieved in the conference. 

BONUS OPTION: You can also choose to purchase a quantity of our Boring to Brilliant! An Inspirational Guide for Speakers as a giveaway gift in the attendee gift bags. 

For more information reach out to Barbara through the CONTACT page. 

Invest in your speakers

to bring out their self confidence and strong messaging. 

It will raise the quality of the ENTIRE event! 


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