Virtual Presence Hands-On Coaching

Virtual Presence Coaching

Webinars and Online Meetings are the New Way of Working  for Most Businesses

But How Do You  Get the Best Performance from Your Virtual Presenters?

Presenting online is VERY different than being in front of a live audience.

Virtual communication challenges can include: 

  • How to keep the audience engaged and present
  • Non-native English presenters accents on camera
  • Opening and closing statements - How to open, how to close
  • Content, slide deck, Q&A - must be modified for online
  • Boring material delivered in boring ways! Too much Blah-Blah!

You Need a Coach to Help Your Team Perform at Their Best 

Hands-on/Screens-on training with feedback for each participant.

Special offer SSN BLUE 600px

Special SSN Virtual Presence Launch Package

-offer valid through 12/31/2020

10 hours 1:1 flexible coaching hours that can be used across your team (retainer)

10 Boring to Brilliant e-books for each participant and other tools

Barbara will sit in on 2 live webinar meetings or speeches to observe and give feedback

Euro 2500.00 excl. btw


Virtual Presence Hands-On Coaching 

coachoncall400tThis is a new service that helps individuals and teams to be more aware of their virtual presence during webinars, sales presentations or group meetings. Tips and tricks on how to present yourself more effectively online - with the opportunity for actual "hands-on/screens-on"  performance coaching observation while they are presenting and feedback when they are finished. Hands on coaching that can quickly make a difference in performance and confidence.

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