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image of Barbara’s Brilliant Speaker Coaching Community

Boring to Brilliant Speaker Academy

An interactive, digital community for people who want to improve their business presentation and communication skills with presentation coach and host Barbara Rogoski.

Topics Covered

  •  Business communication
  • Presentation/pitching skills
  • Executive presence & confidence
  • Business storytelling
  • Self introduction & own story

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring speakers
  • People in corporate environments
  • Entrepreneurs who need a good story


Founding member price options (First 50 who sign up – price will never go up)

In this interactive ‘gaming' environment, the members will have access to:

  • Member's Club - An active member community with continuous text exchange where members can introduce themselves, share general information, ask questions, get feedback, share successes, or ask for peer feedback from the other members.  Through gamification in learning, members gain access to the content by interacting and supporting other members. When you reach a certain number of points, course content opens and you can continue on your learning journey.


  • Virtual classroom where all the courses, tutorials, videos and tips in the membership will reside. You can see which ones are open for you and how you can unlock the others in the sequence. The live sessions will be recorded, and available and unique, valuable content will also be added on the first day of each month. A member’s page shows all the current members of the academy. A leaderboard shows who is the most active in the community and a calendar shows upcoming virtual events and updates which are relevant for you.



Founding member price options (First 50 who sign up – price will never go up)

  • Monthly online live group events with Barbara will be recorded for the classroom
    • “Q&A -  “Ask Barbara Anything” for all things around business communication and presentation skills. 
    • “Hotseat Speech Makeover” sessions where members can share their talks in progress and Barbara gives feedback and suggestions for all to benefit from.
    • “Brilliant Speaker Guest Interviews” where Barbara invites a speaker she has coached for a TEDx talk or business to discuss presentation skills and his/her own experience on the journey to the TEDx stage and beyond.

Membership fee will be for 3 months. We will not offer monthly fee, as it will take several months to really improve your skills and gain the most from this program.

Academy opens the first week of June and the special price will be available until the 30th of June where there will be an increase in the price.


Founding member price options (First 50 who sign up – price will never go up)

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