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Here is What Clients are Saying About Barbara:

As Group Trainer and Coach

 "Barbara has helped our team to improve our product pitch and storytelling, to make it more “to the point” and as she says it “less boring”. She also coached the team on improving the presentation skills using a very impactful framework with pragmatic approach and a lot of tangible, to-the-point and ideas.

We generated immediate impact from the coaching and training of Barbara – approaching the communication and “pitch” with the structure she shared, simpler but clearer messaging, and importantly, delivered in a way that keep the audience engaged, for maximum impact. The entire team enjoyed the session due to Barbara’s very pragmatic but humble way of delivery which creates an environment of trust, builds confidence and allows to find the most genuine and authentic ways of communication, which is different for every individual.Very much recommend Barbara for any form of communication & presentation support, training and coaching, and look forward to continue to work with her!" Eva Jelnikar, Global Category Leader, Climate Care, Versuni (Philips) 
As 1:1 Speaker Coach
"I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Barbara recently as I was experiencing challenges with self-confidence. After our very first conversation, I felt that Barbara ‘got me’. She has a deep understanding of my industry but was also keen to hear about my personal journey. This meant that we were able to construct a tailored plan to suit my circumstances.Barbara shared some valuable tools and tips but also gave me a safe space in which to practice. Her feedback was always warm yet constructive, and I now feel able to prepare and deliver more confidently whilst still being me. Thank you Barbara for helping me find my voice." Anna Nation, Designer/Senior Consultant at Atos Digital Transformation Consulting | DEI Lead
 "I greatly enjoyed working with Barbara. Her authentic, no-nonsense style and pragmatic, directly applicable advise are highly valuable. For me it made the difference between knowing what is right and doing what is right." Pepijn van der Laan, Director Consulting (A&I Data) Deloitte
"I highly recommend Barbara Rogoski as a speaker coach. She provided valuable guidance and expertise as she helped me prepare for a public speaking event. With her tailored coaching, I was able to refine my speaking style, enhance my delivery, and build-in more compelling messages into my speech. Barbara's professionalism, dedication, and supportive approach also made the entire process inspiring, impactful and fun. As a result, I felt confident and was able to deliver my speech well. I'd definitely recommend working with Barbara for anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills." Maya Muller, Strategic Communications -Public Affairs Specialist @ East-West Seed
"Everyone needs a Barbara and I want to share with you why Barbara Rogoski is THE Barbara you need. I had the opportunity to be coached to improve my speech by Barbara. I came to her with my speech half constructed and I had the worst writers block. Not only did Barbara create a safe space for me and help me melt away my writers block, she also helped my speech go from Boring to Brilliant in less than 30 MIN!! I was absolutely mind blown to see how fast Barbara created a structure for my whole speech. Barbara really has an eye for creating a flow in your communication delivery and how to help you connect to the audience. I went from feeling stuck and insecure about my speech to delivering with power, connection and confidence and learning how to structure my speeches and message for success! What I also loved about working with Barbara was how caring Barbara was throughout the process. With every interaction she genuinely cared about how I was feeling. You felt she was always there for you.Barbara helped me not only to be a better speaker but a better overall communicator in my business as well.
If you are a leader, business owner or professional struggling with communicating with your team (s) or other individuals and you need to develop your speaking abilities, then Barbara Rogoski is THE Barbara you need." Mingli Chung, Ki Connect Solutions
"Barbara's coaching was high impact and increased my knowledge and ability around public speaking significantly. She coached me for a TED style talk I was giving and from the moment we talked all of her wisdom around talk structure and delivery was invaluable. I'd highly recommend Barabara to anyone looking for a speaker coach. She get's straight to the point and is an expert in what she does. Thank you Barbara!"  Jack Villiers, Coaching Men in Leadership

"If you’re considering getting a speaking coach then I would wholeheartedly recommend Barbara. I worked with her to prepare a talk on being a role model and maintain your mental wellbeing and I honestly can not thank her enough for her expertise, patience and support. This was the first time I’d worked with a communication coach and I wasn’t sure what to expect but Barbara very quickly put me at ease and it was such a delight working with her. I know this was also the first time she’d worked with a totally blind person but again she took this in her stride and was able to adapt her style and methodology accordingly. I will never forget the fun and laughter we had when she was trying to describe hand gestures to me. The feedback I got from my talk was amazing and I know I couldn’t have done it without the support from Barbara."     Sarah Stephenson-Hunter, EDI professional specialising in breaking down barriers for disabled and LGBTQ+ people

As Keynote Speaker 

"We celebrated International Women’s Day this year with a live interactive workshop of Barbara Rogoski in our Amstelveen office: “Being a conscious communication ally, how to help each other play the game”. Barbara challenged all of us - powerful women and male allies - how we can be an active ally in the workplace. What made this workshop remarkable, was that she used memorable names for the allies, what makes the content easy to digest and easy to remember and fun to play with. The feedback I received was very positive; Barbara is an inspirational speaker who knows how to engage her audience. That was exactly what we did – engage - there wasn’t a single dull moment. Barbara, thank you for an inspiring and memorable workshop!"      Ellen Bakker, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager Atos Nederland

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